Community Engagement


Dr Doug Klein has been involved in multiple health promotion activities in the community including neighbourhoods, community schools, and primary care.

  • The MOVE Program, Edmonton
  • Neighbourhood Community Leagues
  • Electronic Physical Activity Groups
  • Edmonton Public Schools
  • Alberta Primary Care Networks

Dr Klein has also been invited to give presentations worldwide on how to transform primary care settings to support nutrition and exercise interventions. Other topics of interest include teaching methods in primary care, the Doctor-Patient Relationship, Electronic Medical Records and Continuing Medical Education.

Here is a example of recent presentations given by Dr Klein.

  • CHANGE Adventure Camp. Everactive Schools Summer Institute. Edmonton, CANADA, 2016
  • Making Ideas Possible: the Power of Community. CHANGE Summit. Spruce Grove, CANADA, 2016
  • CHANGE Cancer Alberta: A Primary Care Intervention for Cancer prevention and Screening. ACFP Annual Scientific Assembly. Banff, CANADA, 2016
  • Integrating Lifestyle Intervention in Primary Care. Brisbane, AUSTRALIA, 2015.
  • Canadian Health Advanced by Nutrition and Graded Exercise (CHANGE). Sydney, AUSTRALIA, 2015.
  • Getting the Conversation Started – Pediatric Obesity. Edmonton, CANADA, 2014.
  • CHANGE: Evaluation of Novel Lifestyle Interventions in Primary Care Practice. New York, USA, 2014
  • Tips and Tools Lifestyle interventions in Primary Care. Quebec City, CANADA, 2014
  • CHANGE ALBERTA: The Implementation of Lifestyle Intervention in Primary Care. Paris, FRANCE, 2014
  • DO WHAT I SAY vs DO WHAT I DO: Healthy lifestyles and counseling practices amongst medical trainees and physician faculty. Ottawa. CANADA, 2014
  • Critical Concepts from the Continuing Medical Education Literature. Vienna, AUSTRIA,  2011
  • Physician Learning: The Continuing Medical Education Literature. Global Alliance for Medical Education. Munich, GERMANY, 2011
  • Can Electronic Clinical Practice Audits be used to Produce Performance Improvement through Effective Continuing Medical Education Programming?  Dublin, IRELAND, 2011

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Here is a example of recent publications by Dr Klein and his colleagues.

  • Klein D, Jeejeebhoy K, Tremblay A, Kallio M, Rheaume C, Humphries S, Royall D, Brauer P, Heyland D, Dhaliwal R, Mutch DM. CHANGE Exercise Intervention for Primary Care. Canadian Family Physician. (in press)
  • Klein D, Guenther C, Ross S. Do what I say, not what I do: Lifestyles and counseling practices of physician faculty. Canadian Family Physician. 2016; 62(7): e393-e399
  • Klein D. Electronic Activity Trackers Encourage Family Fun and Fitness. The Australasian Medical Journal. 2015; 8(6): 216.
  • Royall D, Brauer P, Bjorklund L, O’Young O, Tremblay A, Jeejeebhoy K, Heyland D, Dhaliwal R, Klein D, Mutch D. Development of a Dietary Management Care Map for Metabolic Syndrome. Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research. 2014; 75(3): 1-8.
  • Campbell-Scherer D, Rogers J, Manca D, Lang-Robertson K, Bell S, Salvalaggio G, Greiver M, Korownyk C, Klein D, Carroll JC, Kahan M, Meuser J, Buchman S, Barrett RM, Grunfeld. Guideline harmonization and implementation plan for the BETTER trial: Building on Existing Tools to Improve Chronic Disease Prevention and Screening in Family Practice CMAJOPEN. 2014; 2:E1-E10.
  • Klein D, Crawford K, Singal M, Carmen Pittman C. A Crazy Little Idea: The family physician’s influence. Canadian Family Physician. 2013; 59(6):704
  • Sargeant J, Sales A, Borduas F, Klein D, Lynn B, Stenerson H. CPD and KT: models, processes and outcomes. Journal of Continuing Health Education in the Health Professions. 2011; 31(3):167-173.
  • Klein D, Allan GM, Manca D, Korownyk T. Hypothesis: University of Alberta Family Medicine Research Interest Group Demonstrates Effects of Collaboration. Canadian Family Physician. 2010; 56: 830 -831.

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