Change Health Youth Leaders (aka CHYL)

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What is this program all about?

CHYL is a cohort of young people who are committed to working together. We come from many different backgrounds, and we all have something to offer. Turn on the news or look at the headlines, and you’ll see an ongoing mental and physical health crisis facing young people today. But don’t lose hope. The past is full of youth-led movements that have shaped the course of history. Youth organizers are everywhere, taking everyday actions to transform their communities, and in the process, transforming themselves. We are living in a time where we need lots of youth organizers to fight for a healthy future. Ready for the journey of a lifetime? Join CHYL.

Why should I join?

FREE food, fieldtrips, trainings, guest speakers, outdoor nature experiences, lifelong memories

1-1 mentorship and personalized support to develop the skills necessary to advocate for any issue you care about

A supportive network of diverse youth from across the province

Certificates of completion for major milestones, plus letters of recommendation for jobs, scholarships and other programs (because our goal is your continued growth & success).

REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE! You’ll have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the health your community.

Last but not least… to foster accessibility and to recognize the value of your time, we offer a Paid Volunteer Honourarium (based on number of volunteer hours, to a maximum of $500 per year)

What are the responsibilities?

Support the CHYL team by attending meetings, communicating regularly via email, zoom, social media, 1-1 phone calls, etc.

Work together to organize an event that promotes health in your community (with the support of Change Health staff)

Document your work and share what you learned

Attend retreats and/or conferences to connect with other young leaders, discuss issues in your community and learn the skills to take action

Provide your ongoing feedback on how we can improve the program

Participate in a group debrief at the end of the year.