CHANGE Camp is hiring for this summer’s camp season in Edmonton and Parkland County!

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The vision of CHANGE Health is to be one of Canada’s leading health protection and improvement nonprofits for adults, children and families through collaboration with community members, educators, businesses, health care, and government. By co-designing solutions through authentic partnerships, CHANGE Health supports Alberta Families to learn, or for most of us, re-learn healthy living through lifelong healthy nutrition, active lifestyles, and positive social connections.

The four pillars of
CHANGE Health are:

Nutrition and meal preparation
Physical activity and lifelong wellness
Mental health and well-being
Family relationships and community connections

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It is amazing how words have changed in meaning.  A few years ago, if asked this question, you might reply with where you were born or describe the cultural roots of […]

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As the global pandemic continues, it can be difficult to do certain activities or be motivated to do these activities. Why is it so important to get out and stay […]

Eating is Essential

Eating is an essential part of everyone’s lives. Eating is what gives our body’s nutrients and the energy we need to go about our days. Now I know what you’re […]

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