Eating is Essential

Eating is an essential part of everyone’s lives. Eating is what gives our body’s nutrients and the energy we need to go about our days.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking, “Why is eating so important in my life, it’s just putting food in my mouth right?” Wrong! Eating certain foods like fruits and vegetables is what keeps the human body healthy. Fruits and vegetables are full of rich nutrients like vitamins A, B, C, and D and we need that to survive. Now most people think that drinking apple juice is better than eating an apple for the main reasons being it is faster and you still get the same nutrients. Sure it’s faster but not right, apple juice has additives like sugar and preservatives. Dr. Doug Klein would refer to this as “fake food” meaning it’s not like the real thing. Eating an apple is ten times more healthy for you than drinking apple juice. The same thing can be said about fruit roll-ups. Even though that is more obvious it still states the point I’m trying to make. Apple juice is still food but doesn’t compare to a regular apple.

Let’s go back to nutrients. Our bodies require 6 essential nutrients for us to function on a daily basis. These 6 nutrients are Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, and water. If you have a sustainable diet you can easily get each and every one of these nutrients on a daily basis. Carbs come from grain foods like rice, bread, and pasta. Lipids or Fats can come from a variety of foods like red meats, seafood, oils, seeds, nuts, etc. Proteins come from meat and dairy but can also be found in nuts and eggs. Vitamins become a bit more complex. Vitamin B is water-soluble while Vitamin A, D, and E are fat-soluble. Certain foods have these vitamins only. Minerals come from all food groups. Red meats are high in iron, Seafood and veg are high in iodine, etc. Lastly, water is water. Just drink it.

Ok, you’re probably confused about diets. Dieting is not easy, it requires you to get every single food group into your meals in a healthy manner. You may have only heard the overused terms “keto” or “vegan” or even “vegetarian.” 2 out of 3 of those diets are healthy. You may have heard the keto diet is the most effective diet, but in reality, is not healthy for your overall well-being. Keto cuts out all carb-based foods, as we know, your body requires carbohydrates to function. If you are not getting the 6 essential nutrients in your diet, you’re simply just not eating right and that will affect your health in a dramatic way. 

So now you know about eating, it is a little more complex than you may have thought but it is still important. If you are eating the proper way (by limiting “fake foods”), getting your 6 essential nutrients daily, and dieting in a healthy manner, then your eating habits can be close to perfect.

Written by Rayne Rowley, Memorial Composite High School Student

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