We Are In This Together

Mental Health includes our emotional well being, psychological well being, our social well being, and our abilities to think, feel, or act.

Mental health is something that affects most people in our society. We both understand that mental health takes a deadly toll on some individuals’ lives at some point. Mental health is something that should be taken seriously due to the fact that it can affect emotional and psychological well-being to the point that suicide is a present risk. 

COVID-19 has been interfering with everyone’s social life. It takes a toll on everyone’s social well-being, and with people’s social well-being down you could easily fall into a depressive state since we haven’t been able to see our friends and family, this makes it harder to stay in touch and communicate is harder to achieve. 

When you have bad mental health, you lose interest in many things and distance yourself from others. When in these depressive states from your emotional, psychological, and social well-being, you tend to not be able to think clearly anymore and you are not motivated into doing anything that you usually enjoy doing, it can also affect your decision making.

People around the world have struggled with mental health, it is something we usually all just simply forget about. We often don’t realize we are in these depressive states and are most likely to defend ourselves by saying we aren’t. 

While there is bad mental health there is also good mental health, good mental health can help you to cope with stress and find a feeling of belonging. Staying active and eating well is something that can overall help our mental health.  We realized that after a walk or after eating good, we felt that we had more energy and more stamina to go on with our days. 

Sometimes people get confused with mental health versus mental illness, while mental illness affects one in five of us mental health affects five in five of us. We are all in this together meaning we all need to work together to help each other in this battle against bad mental health. 

Written by: Avery Hornsby and Katelyn Parent, Memorial Composite High School

Note from Dr Doug Klein: Several of you know that I have been working with Memorial Composite High School in promoting the health of students and the community. This is the first of several blogs written by high students that we will be presenting on the site. Please feel free to share or encourage these amazing students. Great job Avery and Katelyn.


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